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Eucalyptus gunni Silverana® - Pépinière La Forêt

Eucalyptus gunni Silverana®

Eucalyptus gunni Silverana®

Eucalyptus gunni Silverana® has a magnificent, very persistent silver-grey foliage. Its juvenile leaves are rounded and surround the branch. In addition, its adult leaves are elongated in the shape of a spear. Easy to grow, this one is actually hardy (-18°C) and branches well. It is used as a mixed-border or hedge and isolated if pruned regularly.

Evergreen Silvered
-18 °C
Trees, mixed-border, pots
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All details concerning Eucalyptus gunni Silverana®

Originally from Tasmania, Eucalyptus gunni Silverana® offers us a superb evergreen, grey/silver foliage that is very attractive and slightly aromatic all year round. In addition, it is cold resistant (-18°C), has a regular fit and supports the waist very well. During its flowering in August, you can enjoy pretty little white flowers in umbels.


How to use Eucalyptus gunni Silverana® ?

Eucalyptus can be used in trees, monovarietal or mixed hedges, in flower beds, pots or bins. You can also cut its branches to make beautiful bouquets by mixing it with other coloured foliage.

What advices to achieve the Eucalyptus gunni Silverana®'s growth ?

Offer him/her a warm, sunny exposure sheltered from cold winds. It appreciates a low-calcareous, filtering, fresh, dry soil. In order to keep a resplendent Eucalyptus, it is watered frequently in the first year.


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