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Young plants' Solutions LAFORET ensures clients' deliveries throughout the year, while conforming to products' seasonality. Deliveries are possible everywhere in metropolitan France and islands under certain conditions, as well as in every European Union's countries.

How do we package plants ?

Plants are packaged in crates > pallets, palox or also in cc roll. The (rfid) CC roll's delivery can only be organised for a certain volume with CC material exchange directly at the delivery's moment.


What are the delivery times ?

We have a really responsive shipping team. We make all necessary effort in order to ensure timely deliveries.

Delivery times depands on the delivery's address.

What are the delivery cost ?

Concerning orders smaller than one pallet (1500 cups), delivery costs are fully invoiced according to packages' weight. Delivery costs are indicated when you confirm your order.

As far as metropolitan France 1 to 6 pallets' orders are concerned, we apply a delivery costs participation's grid. 

Concerning CC rolls' delivery, the delivery cost depends on charters' ratings at a given time.