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Cahier des nouveautés n°5

Mate / Ilex paraguariensis

"Lauréat d'or" of Innovert's 2024 contest

One of 2024's best sellers,


A range of more than 2000 young plants' varieties

LAFORET Plants' Solutions is a nursery specialised in young plants' production and marketing since 30 years for professional clients : nurserymen, lanscape horticulturists, garden centres and collectivities. 

Young plants, cultivated in different packagings can be re-potted for another growing cycle or for direct planting in soil so as to landscapings or urban flowering.

By means of this website, dedicated to professional clients, you will have access to the main part of our 2000 ornamental shrub, perennials, bamboos, grasses, little fruits, rose trees, hedges' plants, climbers and tens of yearly novelties' complete description. 

The complete availabilities' list is daily updated and will be for you, a simple and efficient tool for your re-potting or planting projects

You want to find a plants' supplier for professional clients, that will offer you diversity and marketing responsiveness. There are 5 excellent reasons for asking a professional account opening :

Young plants for all of your landascaping's needs

Attentive to plants' users, we offer a classification of our "plants' solution's" varieties that answer topical issues such as plants to replace boxwoods, creeping plants, urban gardens, natural gardens...

Our production are certified Blue Plant Environmental High Value.

Therefore, we are landscapers, growers, horticulturists, local communities and garden centres' supplier. 

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