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Help - Frequently Asked Questions

Young Plants' Solutions LAFORET is a vegetal professional client's website : nursery-owners, landscapers, horticulturists, green spaces' managers, garden centres. We present a detailed description of hundreds of our "Trend & new varieties" ' varieties. We keep our availabilties up to date daily, which enables you to make your online quotes.

Professional account

Only one pro account by company is possible. This is the company that is our client and that will be invoiced.

This pro account enables you to preview young plants' prices, to forward your orders to us and to find your entire orders that will be send to us thanks to this system.

Young Plants and packaging

Young plants are suggested in rooted cuttings' plug, individual cups or growing plates, in previous containers (1 or 2L), as well as in bare root plants. The young plant's size requires a certain re-potting pot's size and/or direct seedling in open ground.

There is a packagings' summary : 

P104 A4 104 cuttings' plate
plugs of 4cm
104 cuttings
P77 A5 77 cuttings' plate
plugs of 5cm
77 cuttings
P54 A6 54 cuttings' plate
plugs of 6cm
54 cuttings
P40 A7 40 young plants' plate
plugs of 7cm
40 young plants
P28 A8 28 young plants' plate
plugs of 8cm
28 young plants
GT9 - GT10 Godet de 9 ou 10cm à l'unité
minimum 10 plants
AF350/250 Motte forestière anti-chignon à l'unité
minimum 10 plants
POT11 Pot de 11cm = 1litre à l'unité
minimum 10 plants
CTx Pot de x litres à l'unité
minimum 10 plants
RN Racines nues à l'unité
minimum 10 plants

Find out more about our packaging

Plants' availabilties

The plant'c availabilty is indicated in your order's list additionnal table, under the title "Delivery time". It can be ready for now or since a precise week (W10 = week 10). The availabilty's date is an indicative one and can vary according to the plants' maturity and also according to the weather.

Plants' price

The plants' price appears in connected mode only. Opening a client account is subject to a prior approval. Products and the website are only geared towards professional clients (of a nursery, horticulture and landscape).

THE INDICATED PRICE IS a price as from, applicable since 100 units of a same variety

below 100 units, we apply a markup that will be noticeable in the quote's summary.

This is a unit's price that is presented, excluding tax and excluding transport.

For some plants, a royalty is indicated on the side. This value is adding to the plant's price. We redistribute it to nursery-owners we deal with. 

Quote's request and order's confirmation

This websiteallows you to built your quote's list. You will be able to keep it and find it again thanks to your professional account. Once you confirm your quote's request, your plants' list comes to us. Then we will control all your quote so as to propose you any alternatives if required.

After your approval, an order's confirmation will be send to you on your email address.

Plants' delivery

Throughout your quote's request, you will be able to inform us to your desired delivery time. In default of, we will agree together about a delivery's date.

We package plants in pallet, possibly in CC roll under certain conditions.

Delivery's costs depend on the volume/weight and also they depend on the delivery's address. They will be announced with the order's confirmation.