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Trend & New varieties

Every year, we suggest tens of new plants, shrubs, perennials, grasses, fargesia bamboos' varieties. We select these new varieties according to their aesthetic and agronomic qualities in cultivation as well as the at our client's home. This selection is possible thanks to our partnership with plant breeders and collectors and also thanks to our mother stocks. Nowadays, the trendy varieties are compacted plants, gifted with evergreen foliage or a long period of flowering. Discover the Photonia Carré Rouge perfect in narrow evergreen hedge, the Nandina Twilight ® ideal for urban shady garden, the rising flowering of the Agapanthus Bleu de Chine, the elegant and the graphic's Mahonia Soft Caress ®'s bearing. 

We propose our young plants' varieties for re-potting or direct seedling too.