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Cyclamen cilicium - Pépinière La Forêt

Cyclamen cilicium

CYCLAMEN cilicium is a delightful cyclamen variety, really compacted and floriferous, originally from conifers forest of South Anatolie. It is rustic and easy maintenance. Its mauve and white flowering, smells like honey, has the benefit of occuring in off-season, between August and October. It provides with colours and happiness little gardens, terraces,rockery, planting beds and borders.

Deciduous Green
October to November Pink
-15 °C
Ground cover planting bed, border, rockery, pot
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All details concerning CYCLAMEN cilicium :

Coming from the Mediterranean basin (South Anatolia conifer forest), CYCLAMEN cilicium is floriferous, rustic and knows how to adapt itself easily. It flourishes with mauve and white flowers between August and October, which creates a nice contrast. Its flowering smells like honey and is more and more pretty throughout the years. Its flowers are more slender and elegant than the CYCLAMEN of Naples' ones. Its marbled heart shaped foliage is rounded and very decorative between September and May. Really compacted, CYCLAMEN cilicium reaches about 15cm high. It reproduces by replanting itself on its own.

How to use CYCLAMEN cilicium ?

It forms charming flowered little borders or ground cover planting bed, we plant it around every 20cm. Just like CYCLAMEN cilicium, it is really compacted, and suits well to small spaces. Very decorative in a nice pot or in a plant suspension on a balcony or a terrace. It also grows perfectly in rockery.

What advices to achieve the CYCLAMEN cilicium's growth ?

We offer it a great sun or semi shady exposure. It is really rustic until -10°C/15°C. Nevertheless, its leaves can suffer from the intense frost. 

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