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GERANIUM x Cloud Nine ®  - Pépinière La Forêt
GERANIUM x Cloud Nine ®  - Pépinière La Forêt

GERANIUM x Cloud Nine ®

GERANIUM x Cloud Nine ®

Le Géranium x Cloud nine est une très belle amélioration du Géranium des près. Il possède une très belle floraison estivales doubles bleues azur.  Le feuillage vert est très découpé. Sa végétation est compacte mais il pourra atteindre une hauteur de 65 à 75 cm.

70cm Ground cover
Deciduous Green
April to MAy and Jully to September Lavander
-15° °C
Massifs, pots, rockery, flat stripes
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The characteristics of Geranium Cloud Nine®.

Geranium Cloud Nine is a vigorous variety that is not very susceptible to disease and pests. Its double flowering of a pale azure blue, really remarkable, begins in April and continues until September. Each floral stem bears a double bunch of flowers at the top, the vegetation of Geranium Cloud Nine® is dense, its foliage is cut. This geranium can reach a volume of 70cm. 

How to use Geranium Cloud Nine®.

This Geranium will enjoy in perennial beds, lined with alleys, covering the ground at the foot of shrubs. It is associated with other Geraniums or various perennials such as Gaura, Pennisetums, Penstemons, Agapanthes, Coreopsis ... It can also be installed on the edge of woods and in the undergrowth.

What advice for successful cultivation of Geranium Cloud Nine®.

This Geranium is easy to cultivate and very rustic. It will be installed in a cool and drained soil in mid-shade or in the sun.