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Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ®

With its lovely purple pink flowering, Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ® is a variety that flower lovers will appreciate. Between June and Octobre, the aromatic foliage is covered of upright floral scaped topped by ears of flowers. The flowering and the foliage of this variety have a fine habit, which makes this sage very pleasant in pot or in planter. 

Deciduous Green
June to October Purple
-10 °C
Planting bed, border, pot
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All details concerning Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ® :

Pretty Graham's sage of the Heatwave ®'s range, Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ® is gifted with fushia pink and sightly white in the middle little flowers that will provide with joy and bright colours any gardens. Its upright inflorescences appear in June and can be admired during several mounths, even sometimes until October. Its nectar-source flowers are also really appreciated by pollinator insects. Like it peers, this variety has another asset, its leaves are a bit aromatic. 

How to use Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ® ?

In pot, border, planting bed... Every single planting projects suits to Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ®, thanks to its well regular shrubby habit, as long as you offer it a sun exposure and a climate where temperatures do not go under -10°C. Combined with other Heatwave ®'s varieties, it will form gorgeous pink shades' pictures. 

What advices to achieve the Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ®'s growth ?

Even if Salvia microphylla Heatwave ® Sparkle ® can stand short dry periods, in case of really hot weather it will need waterings.