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Delosperma Sundella Apricot® - Pépinière La Forêt

Delosperma Sundella Apricot®

Delosperma Sundella Apricot®

Delosperma Sundella Apricot® is a beautiful creeping perennial that offers us very pretty apricot flowers with a purple heart, from May to July. Its fuchsia border marks a beautiful separation between the two colours. Its flowering is abundant on compact vegetation. (10cm x 20cm). This amazing plant will bring a fabulous color to your garden.

Carpet habit
Deciduous Green
May to july Orange
-10 °C
ground cover, embankments, flower boxes and pots, mixed-border, rockary
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All details concerning Delosperma Sundella Apricot®

Delosperma, classified as a perennial plant, is highly appreciated for its beautiful orange flowers with a purple heart and for its small green leaves. You can enjoy its bloom from May to July and a resplendent garden.
In addition to its decorative qualities, it is rightly considered as a ground cover because its succulent foliage forms a tight and persistent carpet. Robust, it can tolerate some of the most difficult conditions.


How to use Delosperma Sundella Apricot® ?

Delosperma is ideal as a ground cover / slope. It can also be used in planters and pots, and can be planted in mixed-border and rockeries.

What advices to achieve the Delosperma Sundella Apricot®'s growth ?

Very resistant, it is very resistant to drought and can be planted in dry, poor, stony and calcareous soil. Even with a little depth, it is a succulent that enjoys the sun without moderation. It can be planted with other Delosperma to vary the colors.




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