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GERANIUM Bloom Time ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Geranium Bloom Time ®

Geranium Bloom Time ®

Le Geranium Bloom Time ® is a charming little plant with many qualities sought after in the garden: resistance, rusticity and easy to maintain, very long flowering time (from May to September) and lively, cut and semi-permanent foliage. Its bright pink flowers, delicately veined, will be a real asset in rural areas, flower boxes on balconies and terraces as well as rock gardens.

Half evergreen Green
May to September Pink
-15 °C
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All details concerning Geranium Bloom Time®

A new variety of perennial and rustic geranium, with abundant and bright flowering - as its name suggests! The soft pink flowers (close to the colour of lilac) are delicately veined with darker lines, with a burgundy heart, for an attractive contrast. Flowering lasts from late spring (May) to autumn (usually September). GERANIUM Bloom Time ® is a honeybeeder that attracts pollinating insects and butterflies. The characteristic cut foliage is persistent.

How to use Geranium Bloom Time® ?

It is spectacular in flowered or country flower beds, instead of annual flowers, in low borders, mixed-border, rock gardens and flower boxes on terraces, patios and balconies. GERANIUM Bloom Time ® generally reaches a height of 30 cm and a width of 60 cm, which makes it the perfect ally for small spaces to brighten up. It is associated with other perennial geraniums, rose bushes (whose feet they cover), yarrow, anemones, sage.


What advices to achieve the Geranium Bloom Time®'s growth ?

It is easy to grow and vigorous. It will withstand temperatures down to -15°C easily. It has a sunny exposure in the middle of the shade, and a rich, rather cool soil. Water is used in case of drought during flowering.