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Agapanthus Twister ®  - Pépinière La Forêt

Agapanthus Twister ®

AGAPANTHUS Twister ® distinguishes itself with its bright colours and its orignial variegated personality : generous flowers, blue at the bottom and white at the ends, which provides with relief umbels. Rustic, dense and floriferous, all of these qualities make it the perfect plant to decorate any planting bed, low border, rowky soil or flowered pot. The AGAPANTHUS Twister ® is a Globe Planter's variety. It flowers between June and August.

Evergreen Green
June to September Blue
-10 °C
Planting bed, border, terrace, balcony
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All details concerning AGAPANTHUS Twister ®

This agapanthus's specification is its surprising bicolour umbells (blue at the bottom and then white on its star shaped top), which provides with relief and depth the plant. It is rustic but deciduous, dense, floriferous and also fast growing (it reaches about 60cm high and 50cm width). AGAPANTHUS Twister ® is a Globe Planter's variety that flourishes between June and August.

How to use AGAPANTHUS Twister ®?

So pretty in maritime or bucolic flower bed, combined with other bright flowers or even grasses. AGAPANTHUS Twister ® suits nicely to pot growing in order to magnify any courtyard, terrace or balcony.

What advices to achieve the AGAPANTHUS Twister ®'s growth ?

Its is rustic until, in average, -10°C, which is great for an agapanthus. We often water it during it's planting year but less after that. We choose a rather sunny exposure and a place sheltered from cold winds, as well as a draining soil. We cut its flowers after its flowering.