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Agapanthus Cascade Crystal ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Agapanthus Cascade Crystal ®

 AGAPANTHUS Cascade Crystal ® distinguishes itself from it peers thanks to its spike of especially high flowers, that prettily wave at the summer time. The tubular flowers, white at the bottom, present an elegant blue gradients, that provides  with brightness bucolic planting bed, urban or Mediterranean ones, as well as simple terrasse or sheltered balcony.

Half evergreen Green
June to July Blue
-8 °C
Isolated, planting bed, rockery
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All details concerning AGAPANTHUS Cascade Crystal ® :

Agapanthe Cascade Crystal ® creates a gorgeous array of large undulating umbels in summer (between June and August). They distinguish themselve because they can reach until 1.50m high. Tubular flowers are white at the bottom and slowly turn to blue at the star shaped flowers' end. Its bright and slender foliage is evergreen in not really harsh winter areas. 

How to use AGAPANTHUS Cascade Crystal ®?

AGAPANTHUS Cascade Crystal ® is awesome in planting bed, rockery and even on sheltered terrace in a pretty pot. It suits perfectly to seaside conditions and also provides with a great blue and white maritime tone any urban garden. Combined with grasses such as gaura, salvia it offers a charming boculic aspect.

What advices to achieve the AGAPANTHUS Cascade Crystal ®'s growth ? 

Choose a great sun exposure, a sheltered from cold winds' area, as well as a fresh and draining enough soil. Mulch and place a wintering veil if the winter temperature drops below -5°C/-6°C. Do not hesitate to cut wilted stems so as to boost the flowering, or to water well in dryness period when it grows.