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Lewisia Safira Yellow - Pépinière La Forêt
Lewisia Safira Yellow - Pépinière La Forêt

Lewisia Safira Yellow

Lewisia Safira Yellow

Perennials cover ground, with the slightly succulent foliage recalling Sempervivums but possessing a remarkable and colored bloom. The lewisiaS bloom from early spring to autumn without interruption.

0.2 x0.2 floor cover
Evergreen Green
May to October Yellow
-15° °C
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The characteristics of the Lewisia Safira Yellow.

The lewisias are part of the portulaceae like purslane, it is a plant called alpine native to North America. They consist of fleshy lanceolate leaves arranged in a rosette of a frank green. The bloom blooms on stems of 10cm carrying a bouquet of flowers of a very bright yellow. The Lewisias bloom from the beginning of May until October continuously. It is a very interesting plant by its continuous flowering and its rusticity.

How to use the Lewisia Safira Yellow.

The lewisias can be planted in the rocks, in pot on a terrace or balcony; in association with Sempervivums, Aloes, Yucca. 

What advice for a successful cultivation of Lewisia Safira Yellow.

Lewisias require a sunny to mid-shade exposure. They should be planted in a well drained soil avoiding excess water.