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LONICERA nitida Parmin - Pépinière La Forêt

LONICERA nitida Parmin

LONICERA nitida Parmin

Loncera nitida Parmin, a small evergreen shrub with small leaves, is a good alternative to boxwood. This shrub supports very well the pruning and can be shaped with pleasure. Of fast growth, it requires regular pruning to be maintained.

Evergreen Green
-15° °C
Down hedges, topiary
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Characteristics of the LONICERA nitida Parmin.

The Lonicera Parmin is a compact shrub that can be grown as a single plant or pruned into a topiary. Its thin branches protect small, round, dark green, shiny leaves. Its rapid growth allows it to quickly reach the desired size before pruning.It can be pruned.
It is necessary to cut it quickly in order to maintain the shapes.

How to use LONICERA nitida Parmin.

Lonicera nitida Parmin is very drought resistant and hardy down to -15°C. It can be used for low hedges, topiaries, plant tables, mustard, etc. It is suitable for full sun or partial shade.

What are the advices to succeed in growing LONICERA nitida Parmin ?

Lonicera nitida Parmin will grow best in well-drained soil.