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SALVIA Amethyst lips - Pépinière La Forêt
SALVIA Amethyst lips - Pépinière La Forêt

SALVIA Amethyst lips

SALVIA Amethyst lips

New in the Bicolored Salvias! Like its cousins pink lips and hot lips, Salvia Amethys lips offers a bicolor white and dark purple bloom. Very floriferous, it will bloom from June to October and will illuminate the gardens.

1x1m Bushy
Deciduous Green
June à October Two-tone purple/white
-15° °C
Massifs, pots, feet of walls
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Characteristics of Salvia Amethys lips.

Salvia Amethys lips is an original sage which is covered with small bicolored purple flowers with white throat. It was awarded first prize in the 2019 Innovert competition. The flowering starts in May/June and extends until October. The colors of the flower also vary according to the climatic conditions becoming more and more purple when the temperatures increase and white when they become cooler. Therefore Salvia Amethys lips offers permanently different colors which evolve during the season. It is quite dense and can reach up to 1m in circumference. 

How to use Salvia Amethys lips.

Salvia Amethys lips will be a highlight in the garden with its light and graceful bicolor bloom, it offers a nice vibrancy to the garden. It will be associated with Gauras, Agapanthus and grasses in beds, walls or in containers on a terrace.

What tips do you have for growing Salvia Amethys lips successfully?

Like all salvia, the Salvia Amethys lips is easy to grow, it prefers light and well drained soil. It should be planted in sun or half shade. The Salvia Amethys lips is resistant to strong heat and dryness once installed.