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Agastache Beelicious Purple ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Agastache Beelicious Purple ®

AGASTACHE Beelicious Purple ® is a brillant agastache's selection with plenty of qualities. Melliferous, decorative, cunningly perfumed, naturally compacted, medicinal, condiment and rustic ! Generous purple flowers last all the summer until the autumn. It is a great asset for the garden, vegetable garden, as well as in the orchard, in border, in a beautiful aromatic bed or on a terrace.

Deciduous Green
July to October Purple
-22 °C
Planting bed, border, aromatic, balcony, terrace
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All details concerning AGASTACHE Beelicious Purple ®:

This rare and very charming agastache's variety is perfumed and floriferous. As it name indicates it, it is melliferous and attracts pollinators insects (butterflies and bees), which makes it the perfect orchard plant (or close to vegetable garden's plant too). Compacted, it reaches about 50cm high and 30cm width. AGASTACHE Beelicious Purple ® flourishes throughout the summer until the autumn, it is gifted with gorgeous numerous purple flowers. Agastache is a medicinal plant, with many therapeutic virtues, used in herbal teas or as a cooking condiment (even for liquor production).

How to use AGASTACHE Beelicious Purple ®?

Really charming in borders along paths, planting beds or vegetable gardens, AGASTACHE Beelicious Purple ® suits also very well to pot growing in order to provide with joy any balconies or terraces to fully enjoy its fragrant. We also plant it isolated in aromatic planting beds.

What advices to achieve the AGASTACHE Beelicious Purple ®'s growth ?

We offer it a well sunny exposure, otherwise, AGASTACHE Beelicious Purple ® is not really demanding concerning the soil. It is very rustic, until about -20°C.