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Campanula glomerata Bellefleur Blue - Pépinière La Forêt

Campanula glomerata Bellefleur Blue

CAMPANULA glomerata Bellefleur Blue is a pretty little harebell with flowers by clusters. Rustic, floriferous, not really demanding concerning the soil, gifted with a leafy look, it covers itself up with little deep blue purple flowers that appear at the end of the spring. It grows in pot, border, as well as ground cover or rockery. It preferes the sun and flowers since the first year. 

Evergreen Green
June to September Purple
-15 °C
Ground cover, rockery, border, pot
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All details concerning CAMPANULA glomerata Bellefleur Blue :

This charming harebell's variety gifted with cluster flowers flourishes between April/May and July/August. Its stunning blue purple star shaped flowers contrast nicely with its bright green leaves. It is perennial but disappears in winter. CAMPANULA glomerata Bellefleur Blue reaches about 30cm high and 60cm wide. It flowers since the first year.  

How to use CAMPANULA glomerata Bellefleur Blue ?

Concerning a great ground cover planting bed, we plant about four of them per square metre. We use it in low borders, along low wall or in rockery. It grows perfectly in a nice pot in order to decorate a courtyard, terrace or balcony. Combined with other ground cover flowers or aromatics it is amazing. 

What advices to achieve the CAMPANULA glomerata Bellefleur Blue's growth ? 

It preferes a sun exposure (or a little bit semi shady one). It is not demanding at all concerning the soil as long as it is well drained (it can be poor or calcareous). CAMPANULA glomerata Bellefleur Blue is a rustic plant.