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Choisya dumosa Gold Finger ® - Pépinière La Forêt
Choisya dumosa Gold Finger ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Choisya dumosa Gold Finger ®

Choisya dumosa Gold Finger® is a 2018 brand new selection, thanks to its numerous assets : its extremely light foliage (that is why we also call it the golden fingers Mexican orange tree), its compacted habit and its perfumed, melliferous and sometimes rising white flowering. It grows perfectly in free hedges, planting beds, pots or isolated.

Evergreen Yellow
May to September White
-15 °C
Isolated, hedge, planting bed, pot
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All details concerning Choisya dumosa Gold Finger® :

A 2018 novelty, this golden yellow Mexican orange tree presents, as it name indicates us, an extremely bright colour, as well as a compacted habit and an evergreen foliage too. It reaches about 1m20 heigh and width. This gold fingers' choisya dresses itself up with specific little white , star shaped, perfumed (conningly smell that remind us the orange blossom one) and melliferous (it attracts bees) flowers.They appear in spring and sometimes last to autumn. 

How to use Choisya dumosa Gold Finger® ?

We plant it isolated, in free hedge (count one plant every 80cm) as well as in shrubs' planting bed. Choisya dumosa Gold Finger® illuminates also terraces and balconies because it grows perfectly in pot too.

What advices to achieve Choisya dumosa Gold Finger®'s growth ? 

Choisya dumosa Gold Finger® is rustic. We keep it for sun exposure or slightly shady one. We offer it a drained soil and a shelter from fresh winds. We cut it if it needs it in autumn in order to save its ball shaped habit. We water it in case of dryness.