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Colocasia esculenta White Lava ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Colocasia esculenta White Lava ®

COLOCASIA esculenta White Lava ® is a Dr John Cho's selection, who is a great specialist of these vigorous, resilient and tropical's plants. This colocasia presents a tricolour evergreen foliage, shaped like hearts with a gorgeous frank green and creamy white ribbed leaves and a red purple red touch in the middle. Stems (also called corms) are red purple too. This plant provides with modernity and exoticism any garden, dock basin, terrace as well as balcony. Its roots are edible once done, like every taro's one (also named Chine cabbages).

Deciduous Green
Without flowering
-8 °C
Indoor, planting bed, along basin, pot
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