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Disporum cantoniense Moonlight ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Disporum cantoniense Moonlight ®

DISPORUM cantoniense Moonlight ® is a new selection, rustic and at the same time really decorative. It is tender green and creamy white variegated and wavy, it dresses itself with pink shade in autumn, when the cold comes. We love its smooth look as much as its compacted (60cm high when it is mature) and brigh aspect. We plant it in a semi shady area. This is a Globe Planter's selection.

Deciduous Variegated
April to June White
-15 °C
Planting bed, border, pot
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All details concerning DISPORUM cantoniense Moonlight ® :

This is a new very interesting selection (Dutch procurement from Disporum cantoniense Aureovariegata). It is decorative and at the same time compacted and very bright with its undulated and variegated foliage. Its half evergreen tender green foliage is marbled with creamy yellow ; it turns to soft pink shades in autumn according to the cold temperatures.This is the chinese Sean of Salomon's cousin. DISPORUM cantoniense Moonlight ® forms a nice tuft rather smooth that reaches about 60cm high. In the spring, it is gifted with creamy white small bells, followed by little black blue berries. This is a Globe Planter's selection. 

How to use DISPORUM cantoniense Moonlight ® ?

It grows in window boxes in order to provide with a great habit and freshness balconies or terraces. DISPORUM cantoniense Moonlight ® will also offer brightness to ground cover planting beds or shady borders. 

What advices concerning the DISPORUM cantoniense Moonlight ®'s growth ? 

Rustic until -15°C. It grows in semi shady area in a rather acidic and fresh soil. We can cut at the beginning of March so as to keep a pretty habit. We mulch to limit waterings.