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Farfugium japonicum Wavy Gravy ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Farfugium japonicum Wavy Gravy ®

 FARFUGIUM japonicum Wavy Gravy ® is a brand new graphic and original plant. We appreciate its evergreen foliage and curly twice, bluish green, which provides the garden with volume and a great look. Yellow little flowers appear in autumn. Really vigorous and rustic, especially compacted compared to the other varieties. It preferes semi shady and drained soils.

Evergreen Green
September to October Yellow
-15 °C
Pot, planting bed, border
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All details concerning FARFUGIUM japonicum Wavy Gravy ® :

Still rare in France, this doubling curly blue green foliage's plant is amazing. FARFUGIUM japonicum Wavy Gravy ® will make a splash and will offer volume to the garden. Little yellow flowers appear in autumn. It will reach about 50cm high and 40cm width with maturity : its habit is more dense and compacted than its peers. Its leaves and foliage are nice in bunches and last during a long period of time. One of its assets is its evergreen quality. 

How to use the FARFUGIUM japonicum Wavy Gravy ® ?

This strong perennial is pretty isolated, as well as in window boxe with grasses or bright flowers, in order to provide with sudden impulse terrace and balcony. FARFUGIUM japonicum Wavy Gravy ® grows perfectly in shady planting bed or mixed boder.

What advices to achieve the FARFUGIUM japonicum Wavy Gravy ®'s growth ?

It is rustic until about -15°C. We choose a well-drained soil, clayey or sandy. Farfugium japonicum Wavy Gravy ® preferes semi shady areas.