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Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ®

Magnificent selection of Hakonechloa with a golden green foliage colored of purple in autumn, Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® is a decorative variety during the growing season. Its long flexible leaves are coloured of a luminous yellow green. In autumn, the tip of the leaves become purple. This variety will look good in pot on a terrace, in a composition in planting beds or as a ground cover. 

Deciduous Yellow
-15 °C
Shady planting bed, pot
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All details concerning Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® :

Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® is a Japanese grass, gifted with an extremely golden yellow decorative foliage, that has purple red shades in autumn. Its linear leaves form splayed tufts. They are golden green in summer and turn to purple as the autumn comes. This gorgeous foliage lasts until the beginning of winter. Its flowering looks like it peers' one, in humble spikes. Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® is a Globe Planter's variety.

How to use Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® ?

It is quite small (40cm x 50 cm), but Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® will be noticed for its dense, leafy and rounded habit, very aesthetic. It perfectly grows in pot, border or planting bed, and forms nice undergrowth's ground cover. Just like it peers, this variety loves a fresh and indirect sunny exposure. It is rustic until -15°C.

What advices to achieve the Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ®'s growth ?

Concerning ground cover projects, you will need to plant 5 Hakonechloa macra Sunflare ® per square metre.