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Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ®

Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ® is a Ilex variety with a dark green persistant foliage keeping its color all year long and a ball-shaped habit. It looks good in pot thanks to its small size, and its well defined habit make it an intesresting choice for landscaping projects. This variety also has a good resistance to diseases.

Evergreen Green
-20 °C
Border, ball's shape balcony, terrasse
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All details concerning Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ® :

Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ® is gifted with a very specific evergreen tough dark green leaves' foliage that remind us the boxwood's one, and also with a compacted ball shaped habit. This is a male plant, therefore it doesn't grow. Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ®'s variety is a cousin of the Ilex Luxus ®'s family, that are three : Lingold ®, Globe ® and Spire ®.

How to use Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ® ?

Rustic and disease-resistant, Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ® suits to diverse environments. Its little size (about 50cm x 50cm) and its ball shaped habit allows it to small spaces as well as pots. This is a boxwood substitute, indeed, it looks like it that is really great in cut hedges, on top of that it is more disease-resistant.

What advices to achieve the Ilex crenata Luxus Globe ®'s growth ?

You can realise topiaries with a regular cut. Ilex crenata do not suit to calcareous soils.

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