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Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® - Pépinière La Forêt
Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ®

Perennial close to the ground with a green-brown almost dark foliage, Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® stands out thanks to its very luminous golden yellow flowering. In spring, this variety is covered of yellow bell-shaped flowers, which stand out on the dark foliage. Even tolerant to binding slope areas, this cultivar is a good decorative ground-cover in difficult planting spaces. 

Ground cover
Half evergreen Brown-black
April to June Yellow
-12 °C
Ground cover, planting bed, flower pot
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All details concerning Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® :

Charming chocolate coloured creeping perennial, Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® or "compacted flowers' Lysimachia", is also loved for its bright yellow flowering that contrasts amazingly on the dark foliage. Its purple green foliage is made upon with dark spearhead shaped leaves. Its golden yellow flowers are gathered at their branches' top and shape flowers' balls. Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® is the work of the selector Darell Probst, Massachusetts native.

How to use Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® ?

Brilliant ground cover thanks to its small size (10cm x 50cm) and its creeping habit. Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® withstands perfectly sloping soils and partly shady exposures. It can be planted as a ground cover in the most binding areas. Its is gorgeous in a pot or a plant suspension on a terrace as well as on a balcony. 

What advices to achieve the Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ®'s growth ?

Quite rustic (until -12°C), Lysimachia Persian Chocolate ® will, nevertheless, appreciate a mulch in case of long frosts.

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