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Nepeta Neptune ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Nepeta Neptune ®

Aromatic perennial with a purple summer flowering, Nepeta Neptune ® foms compact little tufts which make leafy borders or beautiful planters. Between July and October, tall upright floral scapes of little deep purple flowers appear in the foliage. Slightly flagrant, the deeply veined leaves also have the particularity to attract cats. 

Deciduous Green
July to October Blue
-12 °C
Planting bed, rockery, pot
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All details concerning Nepeta Neptune ® :

Nepeta Neptune ®, also known as "Grass for Cat" according to is fragrant that attracts cats, is a charming little aromatic plant gifted with a nice colourful flowering. Since the beginning of July and sometimes until October, this variety products large upright floral spikes (until 30cm), that carry a myriad of purple flowers in ears. This abundant flowering attracts pollinator insects that are looking for nectar. Its noticeable veined leaves are aromatic and can be used as herbal tea. 

How to use Nepeta Neptune ® ?

Nepeta Neptune ® creates compacted leaves' tufts that reach 30cm high and 30cm width. In planting bed, border or pot, it is extremely decorative. Isolated or combined with other colourful flowering's plants or aromatics plants, it is amazing. This perennial will prefere a sunny area.

What advices to achieve the Nepeta Neptune ®'s growth ?

A regular summer watering of the Nepeta Neptune ® will foster its flowering, that will be more abundant.

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