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HYPERICUM x MIRACLE ® NIGHT  - Pépinière La Forêt
HYPERICUM x MIRACLE ®NIGHT  - Pépinière La Forêt


A new variety introduced in spring 2019, Hypericum x Miracle Night® is exceptional for its green and then dark purple foliage.
Its abundant yellow flowering from the beginning of summer is particularly highlighted by the contrast effect.

80 cm x 80 cm Shrubby
Half evergreen Green then purple
June to september yellow
-17 °C
Balcony, terrace, shrub's border
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All details concerning Hypericum Miracle Night ® :

This new cultivar is distinguished above all by the rare and unique colour of its green foliage and then very quickly plum.
Its vegetation is dense, well compact. It produces a very large number of yellow flowers from the end of May. At the end of summer, the fruits are spherical, with a beautiful chocolate colour.

How to use Hypericum Miracle Night ® ?

Not very demanding and very hardy, this cultivar can be used in beautiful pots on a terrace, or mixed with other hypericum in a corner.

What advices to achieves Hypericum Miracle Night ®'s growth ?

Hypericum Miracle® collection is known for its good resistance to foliar diseases. A well-draining, non-asphiric substrate should be chosen. They will be potted in autumn or early spring under greenhouses, or outside in April-May.