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Canna Cannasol Happy Emely® - Pépinière La Forêt

Canna Cannasol Happy Emely® is a honeybeam variety that spreads by tissue culture and is virus-free. These exotic plants are essential for a splendid summer border. Because indeed these offer us wonderful flowers of a beautiful bright yellow with golden spots.

Deciduous Green
Juillly to October Orange
-5 °C
Patios, garden and public place
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All details concerning Canna Cannasol Happy Emely®

Canna is a beautiful compact and bushy variety that offers us dazzling flowers that shine like the sun, thanks to their beautiful yellow colour highlighted by darker golden spots. These will give a tropical feel and brighten up your garden. Its green leaves are deciduous and its cane roots are rhizomes. Its flowering takes place from July to October which will allow you to fully enjoy it. Its height will be 60cm for 30cm wide at maturity.

How to use Canna Cannasol Happy Emely® ?

Cannas are ideal for patio, garden and public spaces. It is combined with other Cannas for more effect.


What advices to achieve the Canna Cannasol Happy Emely®'s growth ?

Cannas should be planted in fertile soil and in a sunny place, preferably in mid-shade or very sunny without fear of damaging the foliage or flowering. If the weather is dry, water them thoroughly. You can also lift the rhizomes in the fall when the frost turns black on the foliage. You will be able to enjoy the magnificent and healthy Cannas.