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Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas ®

Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas ®

Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas ® is a new variety, awarded in 2012, which combines the qualities. Easy to grow, flowering, hardy down to -15°C, with a vigorous habit, it is ideal for borders, small spaces to brighten up and large flowering pots. Its large pink flowers, abundant and slightly silvery, are elegantly enhanced with a heart of gold.


Deciduous Green
August to october Pink
-15 °C
Mixed-border, border, flower boxes.
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All details concerning Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas®

This Japanese anemone is part of a new series selected for their floridity and compact habit. It is a lovely perennial with abundant flowering. The pink, skirted, golden-hearted flowers appear in late summer and autumn, usually between August and October, or even November. Melliferous, it attracts precious pollinating insects. For its many qualities, ANEMONE Fantasy Pocahontas ® was awarded at the Plantarium in 2012.


How to use Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas® ?

This vigorous, highly flowering, naturally compact plant (maximum height and width of 40 cm) is ideal for modern or country beds, on the lower edge or on a terrace, patio or balcony in a large flowered container. It is associated, for example, with other Japanese anemones or grasses.

 What advices to achieve the Anemone Fantasy Pocahontas®'s growth ?

 Choose a sunny to semi-shaded exposure. It also supports undergrowth plantations. Rustic but obsolete, it resists well down to -15°C. It is chosen a humus-rich, rather cool, neutral soil. Watering is done in dry weather to promote flowering.