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Gaura Summer Star Baby®  - Pépinière La Forêt

Gaura Summer Star Baby®

Gaura Summer Star Baby®

Gaura Summer Star Baby® is a beautiful perennial that is characterized by its pretty pink flowering and its compact, dwarf habit. Its foliage is green and semi-persistent. Gaura is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. In addition, it will contribute to your garden's ecosystem by attracting pollinators such as butterflies. A beautiful show is on offer!

Half evergreen green
May to November Pink
-12 °C
Mixed-border, pots
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All details concerning Gaura Summer Star Baby®

Gaura Summer Star Baby® is a beautiful variety with a compact and bushy habit, which offers us beautiful pink flowers. Its flowering takes place from May to November which will allow you to fully enjoy it. Its growth is uniform, branches well on its own and is quite vigorous. In addition, it is a variety that is resistant to spray, does not get damaged by rain and is resistant to diseases and pests.


How to use Gaura Summer Star Baby® ?

Gaura is perfect in mixed-border. She also likes to be in pots and planters. In addition, the flowers can be picked to make a pretty bouquet. It can also be combined with rudbeckias or sage.


What advices to achieve the Gaura Summer Star Baby®'s growth ?

This beautiful perennial, adapts to all types of terrain. However, you can offer him a well-drained and fresh soil. It tolerates drought once installed and requires little maintenance and watering.