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LEPTINELLA pusilla (grey leptinella) - Pépinière La Forêt

LEPTINELLA pusilla (grey leptinella)

LEPTINELLA pusilla (grey leptinella)

Leptinella, is a perennial that belongs to the Asteraceae family. Its growth habit is crawling with beautiful greyish blue leaves similar to those of ferns. Rustic, it can withstand frosts of -15°C and is mainly used as a ground cover.

Carpet habit
Evergreen Gray
-15 °C
Ground cover, mixed-border
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All details concerning Leptinella pusilla (grey leptinella)

Originally from southern Africa, Leptinella is a ground cover with bronze grey foliage. The small leaves remind us of mini ferns. In addition, it grows quickly in cool soil. (10cm x 50cm)


How to use Leptinella pusilla (grey leptinella) ?

Leptinella is a perfect ground cover that must be placed in the sun / semi-shade in order to flourish. He also likes to be on a balcony or terrace. And it also likes to be used in solid wood or on a mixed-border.

What advices to achieve the culture de Leptinella pusilla (grey leptinella)'s growth ?

This perennial can be placed in humid areas of the garden, but also in drained and cool soil. This plant likes the sun softened, or half shade.

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