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Loropetalum chinensis Ruby Snow® - Pépinière La Forêt

Loropetalum chinensis Ruby Snow®

Loropetalum chinensis Ruby Snow®

Loropetalum chinensis Ruby Snow®, belongs to the family Hamamelidaceae. This one paints a striking contrast between its white flowers and its almost black foliage. It blooms from April to May and is very abundant. In addition, this shrub can withstand temperatures of -10°C.

Half evergreen Purple
April to may White
-10 °C
ground cover, mixed-border, pot
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All details concerning Loropetalum chinensis Ruby Snow®

Originally from Asia, this elegant shrub offers us an extraordinary contrast between its dark purple foliage and its many white flowers. Its flowering is abundant and takes place from April to May. Its carriage is compact (80cm x 80cm), ideal for compositions in pots.


How to use Loropetalum chinensis Ruby Snow® ?

Loropetalum, will make a sensation as a ground cover. It will also be ideal for planters and pots thanks to its compact size.

What advices to achieve the Loropetalum chinensis Ruby Snow®'s growth ?

Loropetalum, flourishes on all types of terrain. However, in order for it to shine, it is offered a fresh and drained soil. A location in the sun / semi-shade is strongly recommended. Moreover, Ruby Snow is not fragile but does not like excess water.


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