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Phormium Black Velvet® - Pépinière La Forêt

Phormium Black Velvet®

Phormium Black Velvet®

Phormium Black Velvet®, is a perennial belonging to the Hemerocallidaceae family. This one is very decorative, generous and colorful. Its foliage is black and graphic. This one will be the king of the isolated garden. In addition, it is easy to maintain and resistant to spray.


Evergreen Black
-8 °C
Mixed-border, hedge, isolated, pot
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All details concerning Phormium Black Velvet®

Phormium Black Velvet®, also known as New Zealand linen, is distinguished by its exotic look. Its foliage is black with metallic reflections. Very graphic, it will make a sensation in modern gardens. 1.8m x 1.2m.


How to use Phormium Black Velvet® ?

Its low hardiness means that this perennial will not withstand temperatures below -8°C. It will therefore be perfect for pot cultivation on the balcony / terrace. It can also be used as a mixed-border, hedge or isolated.

What advices to achieve the Phormium Black Velvet®'s growth ?

In order for Phormium to flourish, it is placed in the sun. In addition, it can be offered a well-drained soil, and cultivated in the open, in a bin, pot or planter.