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Rubus idaeus Rustica® - Pépinière La Forêt

Rubus idaeus Rustica®

Rubus idaeus Rustica®

Rubus idaeus Rustica®, is a very generous fruit tree, which offers us delicious raspberries. Its leaves are green and deciduous and its habit is compact, which allows it to be grown in pots. Rustic, it will withstand temperatures of -20°C.

50cm x 50cm Upright
Deciduous Green
-20 °C
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All details concerning Rubus idaeus Rustica®

Rubus idaeus Rustica®, is a fruit shrub, which offers us delicious sweet and juicy raspberries. A rising dwarf raspberry bush, this one is ideal for pot cultivation on terraces and balconies. It has a compact habit (50cm x 50cm) and its foliage is green / deciduous. In addition, Rubus is hardy and can withstand frosts of -20°C.


How to use  Rubus idaeus Rustica® ?

Thanks to its small size and compact size (50cm x 50cm), this small raspberry bush is perfect for growing in pots or vegetable gardens. In order to obtain beautiful fruits, it is advisable to water it regularly even though it is not very water-intensive.

What advices to achieve the Rubus idaeus Rustica®'s growth ?

So that this raspberry tree can flourish, and give you delicious fruits. We offer him a sunny spot. In addition, it can be grown in the ground or in pots (in a garden or on a terrace).