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SCHEFFLERA alpina - Pépinière La Forêt
SCHEFFLERA alpina - Pépinière La Forêt



The Schefflera alpina is an evergreen evergreen shrub with glossy green composite palmate leaves, long purple petioles spiralling upwards on the trunk.... This variety will enjoy in cool soil in a shady spot in temperate zones where winters are not too cold. Very graphic, it gives structure to the beds while bringing a touch of exoticism to gardens.

Evergreen Green
-10° °C
Planting bed, pots
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The characteristics of the SCHEFFLERA Alpina.

The SCHAEFFLERA Alpina is an original shrub that brings a true exotic spirit to the garden. Its large, shiny foliage is remarkable and stands out from other shrubs. The purple petioles bring contrast and reinforce its graphic side. 

How to use SCHEFFLERA Alpina.

Variety with a tropical aspect, the Schefflera Alpina is a shrub of choice for projects in search of exoticism. Its graceful, spreading tree habit (2m high and 2m wide, with one or more trunks) brings structure to landscaping projects. This moderately hardy variety (down to about -10°C) is not suitable for regions where winters are accompanied by very negative temperatures. It is best planted in a shady spot, at least partially.

What advice can you give for the successful cultivation of SCHEFFLERA Alpina.

The Schefflera taiwaniana appreciates being planted in rich and fresh soil.


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