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BERGENIA Pink Ice - Pépinière La Forêt



A perennial well known for its hardiness, this bergenia stands out for its delicate pale pink flowers with a deep heart. Its glossy green foliage is slightly succulent and persistent all year round. An easy perennial, it develops by covering the soil of the beds even in poor soils.

EVergreen Green
April to May Rose
-15° °C
Edges, massifs, ground cover
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The characteristics of BERGENIA Pinck Ice.

 The Bergenia Pink Ice is remarkable for its pale pink flowers with a more sustained heart. The flowers will bloom in the spring bringing colour to dark areas of the garden. Its foliage consists of evergreen, shiny leaves, often taking on beautiful purple hues in winter. Arranged in a rosette shape, the leaves are frost resistant, which ensures their presence in winter in most areas.

How to use BERGENIA Pink Ice.

BERGENIAS Pink Ice are excellent ground covers, enjoying moist, cool and well-drained soils. If they grow best on fertile soil, they can adapt to much poorer soils and conditions. At the foot of trees, a wall or in hard to reach areas, they will grow and offer you their spring bloom and evergreen foliage.

What advice can you give for a successful cultivation of BERGENIA Pink Ice.

It is advisable to rejuvenate the plant by dividing it when the subjects become old and open. It should be placed on the edge of a bed or on a slope, if possible in the sun. Bergenias blend well with spring bulbs, flowering at the same time.

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