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Canna Tropicanna®  - Pépinière La Forêt
Canna Tropicanna®  - Pépinière La Forêt
Canna Tropicanna®  - Pépinière La Forêt

Canna Tropicanna® 

Canna Tropicanna® 

Spectacular variety of Canna that is part of the Tropicanna collection, the Canna Tropicanna® has foliage in incredible colours. Each leaf has a palette of colours with shades of green, pink/red. A dense and colourful vegetation above which an orange bloom develops.

1.5m Upright
Deciduous Green, pink, yellow
July to september Orange
-10° °C
Palnting beds, pots
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Characteristics of the Canna Tropicanna®.

The Canna Tropicanna® is truly amazing with its muted foliage of pink, red, yellow, orange on a green background. This canna is like no other! Flowering rises above this colourful vegetation, a beautiful yellow-orange. It is a Canna of average vegetation about 1m50, it offers an exotic charm with its large silky leaves.

The Tropicanna® range is a selection of Canna with special features of original foliage is colorful. Tropicanna® Cannas are vigorous and resistant to the viruses that reach them. Vigour, resistance and exuberance are therefore the key words of this collection.

How to use Canna Tropicanna®.

The Canna Tropicanna® is a rhizomatous perennial with a summer cycle in our latitudes. Its large coloured leaves will fit perfectly into a tropical environment with Banana trees, Fatsia or Tetrapanax. It is also associated with Phormiums, Hibiscus, Daturas for a colourful garden. They can also be grown in pots on a terrace or patio.

What advice can you give to grow Canna Tropicanna® successfully?

The Canna Tropicanna® settles in aerated, cool and humid soil. A good supply of manure in early spring provides it with the nutrients for good growth. To be planted in a sunny to mid-shade position.


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