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Teucrium Indyho® - Pépinière La Forêt

Teucrium Indyho®

Teucrium Indyho®

The Teucrium Curacao shrub is a splendid plant very appreciated for its abundant and long flowering period. Its honey flowers are an incredible electric blue and open from late October to late April. Its small leaves offer us a dazzling contrast. These are oval, persistent and offer a pretty silvery colour. Its round and compact shape makes Teucrium ideal for easy to maintain and environmentally friendly mixed-border.

100 x 80 x 80 cm Bushy
Evergreen Silver
Octobrer to April Blue
-10 °C
Mixed-border, pots
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All details concerning Teucrium Indyho®

The shrub Teucrium Indyho®, is a chic and modern shrub very appreciated for its abundant and long flowering. Its flowers are distinguished by their unique color of intense blue and their size which can reach 4cm. They bloom from the end of October until the end of spring. Melliferous, they will attract different pollinators in the garden. Its leaves are oval, persistent and silvery. In addition, this wonderful plant is easy to live with, excellent resistance to dry and requiring little maintenance.

How to use Teucrium Indyho® ?

Thanks to its compact port, the Teucrium is ideal for growing in pots and for easy-to-follow and environmentally friendly beds. This one is also ideal to be exposed on a terrace in planter. Resistant to the spray, this one likes it perfectly in seaside.

What advices to achieve the Teucrium Indyho®'s growth ?

When planting, we advise to offer a half-shaded exposure to sunny. Sandy and / or well-drained soil is recommended. However, the Teucrium supports limestone soils very well.