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AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime - Pépinière La Forêt

AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime

AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime

The AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime is a very beautiful variety with abundant flowering, from June to the first frosts, it develops large pink-purple spikes. Its tender green foliage is very fragrant, with a fresh lemon-gloss aroma.

Deciduous Light Green
June to October Purplish pink
-15° °C
Beds, borders, vegetable garden
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Characteristics of the AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime.

This beautiful Agastache is distinguished by its purplish-pink flowering contrasting with its soft green foliage. The aromatic foliage has a citrus aroma that is definitely different from other varieties. It has a pungent, very heady and incredibly refreshing note. Excellent for tea or in drinks that call for lime. The leaves and decorative flowers can be used.

How to use AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime.

AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime is very ornamental, it will find its place in perennial beds in the company of Salvias, Gauras, Lavenders... for a bucolic effect. In the vegetable garden, they attract pollinators.

What advice do you have for growing the AGASTACHE Mexicana Lime successfully?

Like other Agastache, it appreciates sunny exposures and tolerates dry soil.