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Penstemon Dark Tower® - Pépinière La Forêt
Penstemon Dark Tower® - Pépinière La Forêt

Penstemon Dark Tower®

Penstemon Dark Tower®

Very beautiful variety of penstemon with purple, almost black foliage contrasting with a pinkish white bloom. Semi-persistent vegetation.

80x50cm Upright
Semi-persitant Crimson to black
June to July Pink
-10° °C
Massifs pots
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Characteristics of the Penstemon Dark Tower®.

Hybrid between the Penstemon digitalis 'Husker's red' and the Penstemon 'Prairie Splendor' which improves the first one. It is a Penstemon with large vegetation forming a beautiful mass of remarkable flowers. The Penstemon Dark Tower® is really admirable for its purple foliage, almost black wine lees on which contrasts the delicate flowering. The flowers are tubular pink at the base degrading towards the tip into a pale powdery pink. It is a very beautiful perennial and rustic.

How to use the Penstemon Dark Tower®.

Remarkable perennial, it will make a place of choice in various perennials and flowerbeds. It will be associated with white Gauras, grasses, Perovskias, verbenas and all delicate perennials with slender blooms.

What advice for a successful cultivation of Penstemon Dark Tower®.

Penstemon Dark Tower® is a perennial of sun to mid-shade, it will flourish in rich soil and especially well drained. It supports both calcareous and slightly acidic soils. Do not fold down the Penstemon at the end of the season because its semi-persistent foliage will protect the foot, just a size of the faded infmlorescence. 



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