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Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra - Pépinière La Forêt

Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra

Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra is also known as the Aloe Snowflake. Its name cames from its numerous white spots (in relief when we touch it) that dress its foliage. It is not rustic and must be cultivated according to a frost protection.

Evergreen Variegated
Indoor plant
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All details concerning Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra :

Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra comes from Madagascar. This ornamental Aloe creates little dense rosettes that reach 15 to 20cm high and the same in diametre. Its green triangular leaves are tinted with grey. They have really specific white embossed blots. We also call it Aloe Snowflake, sometimes the foliage seems more white than green. Aloe Cleopatra flourishes in summer. Its spikes of orange tubular flowers surmount a 30 to 40cm high inflorescence.

How to use Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra ? 

Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra is not a rustic plant. It suits perfectly to indoor growing or veranda's one. We can take it outdoor in summer so as to decorate balconies as well as terraces. 

What advices to achieve the Aloe x rauhii Cleopatra's growth ?

Aloe is a succulent plant that really appreciates well-drained soil and a ligh exposure. We avoid direct sun exposure in order to prevent it from leaves browning.