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Bambou Fargesia hybride Black Pearl - Pépinière La Forêt

Bambou Fargesia hybride Black Pearl

FARGESIA hybride Black Pearl bamboo is a new non-invasive bamboo's variety (selection of 2005). Noticeable thanks to its dark stem's colour, it also reaches about 3m high with its dense and airy look. Rustic, it doesn't appreciate the sun and must be reserved for planting bed, hedge, zen garden, balcony or well-shaded terrace.

Evergreen Green
Without flowering
-20 °C
Isolated, planting bed, terrace, hedge, balcony
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All details concerning FARGESIA hybride Black Pearl :

As it name indicates us, Fargesia nitida Black Pearl is a new non-invasive variety (clumping) gifted with dark plum stems, nearly black. Its straws are amazingly dark as well. It comes from Fargesia nitida Gansu (2005), and was selected according to its vigour as well as its modern colour. It reaches around 3m high with maturity. Extremely dense, it has a dark green foliage. 

How to use FARGESIA hybride Black Pearl ?

It grows in planting bed, isolated, in hedge as well as in pot on a terrace or balcony (as long as it is shady). FARGESIA hybride Black Pearl is an awesome natural visual barrier. Surrounded by pebbles or gravels, it forms a fantastic zen garden. Perfect for oceanic climate, but it doesn't appreciate direct sun. 

What advices to achieve the FARGESIA hybride Black Pearl's growth ?

We choose a shady exposure (shady or semi shady). It is extremely cold-resistant, until about -22°C. We prefer fresh and deep soil. So as to keep its naturally beautiful habit, we cut its dry stems.