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Gypsophila White Flare ® - Pépinière La Forêt
Gypsophila White Flare ® - Pépinière La Forêt

Gypsophila White Flare ®

Gypsophila White Flare ® is a pretty ground cover perennial, with a compact habit and a white flowering with semi double flowers between May and September. The airy aspect of the flowering, very decorative, is the source of the nickname "Bristol Fairy" given to Gypsophila. This rustic variety finds its place in rock gardens, in borders or in sunny pots.

Ground cover
Deciduous Green
May to September White
-15 °C
Planting bed, flowered pot
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All details concerning Gypsophila White Flare ® :

Gypsophila White Flare ® presents an abundant white flowering usually spread in the Gypsophila family, which gives them the nickname "bridal veil". The numerous gentle flowers of the White Flare ®'s variety, are semi double. Its summer flowering is quite long: it starts at the beginning of May and can lasts until September. It is gifted with delicate pretty bright green deciduous leaves. 

How to use Gypsophila White Flare ® ?

Gypsophila White Flare ® suits perfectly to ground cover's projects, thanks to its regular habit close to the ground (about 30cm x 30cm). It withstands dryness, which predisposes it for rockery's planting, at the foot of wall's one, in window boxe as well as in pot. It is rustic until -15°C when it is planted in good conditions, preferably in a well-drained soil with a sun exposure so as to foster its flowering. Gypsophila White Flare ® is not really demanding once it is settled.