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Hebe Nicolas Blush - Pépinière La Forêt
Hebe Nicolas Blush - Pépinière La Forêt

Hebe Nicolas Blush

Hebe Nicolas Blush is a variety of free-flowering shrub, which produces numerous  ears of little variegated flowers, pink at first then white. The summer flowering is long-lasting compared to others Hebe. The persistent foliage is also decorative and it becomes purple in winter. This variety tolerates well dry soils, and it likes sun exposure. 

Evergreen Green
May to August White
-8 °C
Border, planting bed, potted
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All details concerning Hebe Nicolas Blush :

Hebe Nicolas Blush is a really interesting shrub for its long and abundant pink and then white flowering, that starts in May and lasts until August. Its branches cover themselve up with clusters of dense flowers, that finally present a really colourful rendition. This foliage is specific according to the fact that it turns red purple in winter, which makes this plant a really decorative one throughout the seasons. Hebe Nicolas Blush was reawarded by an award during the Royal Horticulture Garden Merit in 2002.

How to use Hebe Nicolas Blush ?

Hebe Nicolas Blush is a medium sized shrub, that can reach until 1m high and width. For a perfect restart, this variety must be planted in a sunny area. It withstands a dry and poor soil. 

What advices to achieve the Hebe Nicolas Blush's growth ?

As well as numerous other shrubs that belong to the Hebe's family, Hebe Nicolas Blush is rustic until about -8°C, it appreciates rather sheltered area and mulch.

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