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Ixia Hogarth - Pépinière La Forêt

Ixia Hogarth

Ixia Hogarth is an herbaceous with an abundant flowering in clusters of little creamy-colored flowers with a black heart, during the summer months. The upright stems are covered of a multitude of yellow flowers that catch the eye on this decorative and very vigorous variety. This plant looks good in pot or in planters thanks to its upright habit, or as cut flowers in a vase.

Deciduous Green
June and July Yellow
-5 °C
Border, window box, cut flower
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All details concerning Ixia Hogarth :

Ixia Hogarth is a herbaceous plant gifted with a really charming pastel yellow with purple at the heart flowers' flowering. This variety comes from South Africa and reaches 50cm high and 25cm width. It has a deciduous, long green leaves' foliage. Ixia Hogarth is a bulbeous plant.

How to use Ixia Hogarth ?

Ixia Hogarth is amazing in pot, as well as in planting bed thanks to its upright habit. It preferes a sun exposure, a well-drained soil and also a warm climate, because it is not very rustic (until -5°C). The Ixia's family name comes from the Greek word "gui", that refers to the sticky lifeblood of these plants. In this family, diverse variety have very different flowering, combined with one another they can create a multicoloured planting bed. 

What advices to achieve the Ixia Hogarth's growth ?

It appreciates fresh soil during its growing. A winter mulch will be fine so as to help protecting it from the cold. 

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