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Astilbe Color Flash® - Pépinière La Forêt

Astilbe color flash® is perfect to flower a corner of shade, this one is very appreciated for its colorful flowers with a delicate perfume but also for its beautiful green foliage. Rustic, it can withstand a temperature of -15°C and can live for many years in the same place. You will be able to fully enjoy it and appreciate its smell and colours that will embellish your garden.

Deciduous Red and green
July to August Pink
-15 °C
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All details concerning Astilbe Color Flash®

Astilbe consists of perennial plants and belongs to the Saxifragaceae family. It has a splendid soft green foliage in spring to give way to purple shades in summer, then orange and gold in autumn. In addition, beautiful salmon pink flowers offer us a very nice contrast of color during its flowering from July to August.


How to use Astilbe Color Flash® ?

Plant them at the edge of the water, associated with hostas, ligulars, digales or ferns. This one is also suitable for planters and pots, but also for mixed-border


What advices to achieve Astilbe Color Flash®'s growth ?

Install astilbes in a drained and rich soil, very cool all year round without excess in winter because they do not tolerate drought. These plants like the edges of ponds and streams, under the cover of tall deciduous trees. Avoid any full sun location and place it preferably in the shade. Remove faded inflorescences and fold them down in autumn. Leave a space between each foot of about 40 cm and then divide the tufts in spring or autumn to have a resplendent Astilbe.

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