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Senecio mandraliscae Doigt Bleu - Pépinière La Forêt
Senecio mandraliscae Doigt Bleu - Pépinière La Forêt

Senecio mandraliscae Doigt Bleu

Senecio mandraliscae Doigt Bleu

Senecio mandraliscae Blue Finger is a beautiful succulent plant with matte, persistent blue-green foliage. Its ease of cultivation, elegant and graphic appearance, blue colour and drought resistance are particularly appreciated. It is appreciated in landscaping in mild or oceanic climates. It can withstand low frosts if the ground remains dry.

Ground cover
Evergreen Blue
-5 °C
Rockary, pot
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All details concerning Senecio mandraliscae Doigt Bleu

This is a succulent plant with beautiful blue-green foliage (as its pretty name suggests), persistent and silvery, native to South Africa. Due to its matt appearance and original colour, it is also called Senecio mandraliscae Blue chalk. It flowers (creamy-white heads) in summer and reaches a height of about 40 cm and a width of 1 m at maturity, or even more in the open if you like.


How to use Senecio mandraliscae Doigt Bleu ?

It is planted in rock gardens or pots to take advantage of its graphic shape and elegant colour on the outside. It can also be grown as an indoor plant, near a window, but without a saucer to avoid risking excess water. Easy to grow, it is perfect for budding gardeners.

What advices to achieve the Senecio mandraliscae Doigt Bleu's growth ?

Its fat plant foliage allows it to resist drought. Dry, stony soil is preferred. We plant it in the sun, see in the semi-shade. Senecio can withstand oceanic climates but not too close to shore. Moderately hardy up to about -5°C.

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