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Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star® - Pépinière La Forêt

Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star®

Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star®

Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star®, is sought after for its incredible flowering. This one is abundant and offers us wonderful purple flowers from April to October. Its foliage is persistent and green. Its roots are tuberous and its habit is bushy and erect (60cm x 50cm). In addition, this pretty perennial can withstand frosts of -20°C, drought, wind and sea spray.

60cm x 50cm Upright
Evergreen Green
April to october Purple
-20 °C
Mixed-border and rockary
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All details concerning Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star®

Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star®, is a lovely perennial belonging to the Alliaceae family. This one is distinguished by its incredible abundant flowering. From April to October, its beautiful purple starry tubular flowers open. Its foliage is green, persistent, edible and has a pleasant garlic fragrance. Rustic, it will withstand temperatures of -20°C. It is also very resistant to drought, wind and spray.


How to use  Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star® ?

Tulbaghia, likes dry gardens but also by the sea. It will make you feel like a mixed-border, rockary or vegetable garden (where it will make aphids flee). You can also eat its flowers and leaves, which taste like garlic, to flavour a salad.

What advices to achieve the Tulbaghia violacea Dark Star®'s growth ?

Tulbaghia is best suited to a sunny location with drained, light, fertile and sandy soil. For periods of cold weather, it is advisable to spread a thick mulch. Thanks to its rusticity (-20°C), this beautiful perennial requires very little maintenance. It also withstands drought, wind and sea spray very well.

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