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ALOE TANGERINE - Pépinière La Forêt
ALOE TANGERINE - Pépinière La Forêt



Aloe Tangerine is a natural cross between aloe ferox and arborescens. It is a very floriferous variety that bears beautiful orange flowers in dense spikes. It can reach 2m high in bloom.

2x1.5m Upreight
Evergreen Gret-green
July to August Orange
-2 °C
Dry gardens, Rockely.
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The Characteristics of ALOE TANGERINE.

Uncertain origin, it is thought to be a natural hybridization of Aloe ferox and tree in the Huntington Botanical Garden in California where it was observed.

Very beautiful variety with thick grey-green foliage decorated with spines not very prickly on the sides. The rosette blooms in height developing a light trunk and can reach up to 2m. It offers a proliferation of flowers in the summer period. Each plant develops several dense, upright flower stems. The buds are at first mandarin orange, then more marked yellow-orange flowers open. This flowering is exceptional.


The Aloe Tangerine will enjoy in dry gardens and rock gardens. One will be able to find it in the Mediterranean and seaside gardens. Because of its proportions and its growth, we advise against leaving it in a pot.

What advices to succeed in the culture of the ALOE TANGERINE.

The Aloe Tangerine requires a sunny situation and a very draining soil. It can be planted on slopes or between rocks.