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Musa Zebrina - Pépinière La Forêt
Musa Zebrina - Pépinière La Forêt

Musa Zebrina

Musa Zebrina

Very beautiful variety of Musa with a variegated foliage of burgundy red. Of fast growth Musa Zebrina is not rustic, it will be necessary to protect it from frost.

3m Upright
Evergreen Green and Red
August Red and Yellow
0° °C
Massifs, pots
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The characteristics of Musa Zebrina.

Oirginaire of India, Musa Zebrina offers an incredible green foliage marbled with very dark burgundy red spots and a red petiole. It thus offers a magnificent contrast in the garden. At maturity it will produce red and yellow flowers and red fruits. The fruits produce a lot of seeds, they are not edible but still bring a remarkable element to this banana tree. 

How to use Musa Zebrina.

Musa Zebrina can be planted outdoors in regions with very mild climates, in other regions it should be protected from frost or overwintered in a cold greenhouse or veranda. It can also be cultivated in plant of inside. Outside it will find its place in the exotic beds, accompanied by Colocasias, Phormiums, Tetrapanax, Fatsias, Hibiscus...

What advice for a successful cultivation of Musa Zebrina.

As mentioned Musa Zebrina is not very hardy, in regions with mild winters, it is therefore necessary to take care to plant in a place sheltered from the winds. For the other regions it will be planted in tubs in order to be wintered in a cold greenhouse or veranda. Plant it in a draining and rich soil in a sunny situation.