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AGAVE montana - Pépinière La Forêt
AGAVE montana - Pépinière La Forêt

AGAVE montana

AGAVE montana

Very beautiful Agave with frank green foliage bordered with orange spines. It is characterized by a rather modest size which makes it a strong element for terraces and small gardens. The Agave montana is one of the most rustic.

80 x80 cm Upright
Evergreen Green
-15°C °C
Massifs, pots
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The characteristics of the AGAVE montana.

Native to northern Mexico growing in the mountainous forest at altitudes around 300m, the Agave montana is a very hardy Agave that resists well to cold and wet winters. Its foliage is of a very frank green nuanced by places of white purine, stigmas of the previous leaves. The edges of the leaves are punctuated with red-orange spines. Slow growing, it is classified as a medium size Agave, 80cm at 10 years. 

How to use the AGAVE montana.

Because of its size, the Agve montana can be installed in small gardens, in a pot on a terrace. Thanks to its hardiness it can be planted in the ground without fear of frost. For a Dry & Design Garden effect, we associate it with Yuccas, Dasylirions, Aloes and other Agaves.

What advice do you have for the successful cultivation of the AGAVE montana.

The Agave montana is an easy care Agave, it can be left outside all year long without worrying about frost in most regions. We will take care all the same to offer a well drained ground, an exposure in sunny. Agave tolerates poor soils and fertilizer should be applied sparingly.